You´ve heard of Morning Routines.

What if I told you that the evening routine is just as important… if not more? That´s right. What you do just before bed can have a profound impact on your sleep. Better sleep means better rest. Better rest means you are ready to kick some butt in the morning!

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TIM FERRISS' Morning Routine

Mike Vardy

Mike Vardy is a productivity strategist and the founder of Productivityist. He is also the creator of The NOW Year Method, a simple, flexible, and durable approach to personal productivity.

Quick Stats

Hours slept: 7 ┊Room temperature: 15ºC


"I often will write down my three absolutes on a whiteboard before leaving my office as well so that way I can tackle them before opening my task management app the next morning."

What is your evening routine?

I actually consider my evening routine to be more important than my morning routine. Before I go to bed I review my task management application and select my three absolutes for the next day. Then I complete a daily log in my journal. Then I close my office door as I can leave it behind so that way I can make sure that I don't go back to work before I go to bed. I often will write down my three absolutes on a whiteboard before leaving my office as well so that way I can tackle them before opening my task management app the next morning. I'm a night owl and I do my best work at night so clearing my head at the end of the day is incredibly important.

How long have you kept it for?

This routine has been a staple in my day for the past three years.

What does your last meal of the day look like?

My last meal of the day is normally dinner. So that would usually be a plant-based main dish with perhaps some rice or noodles to go with it. I'm trying to steer clear from wheat so that plays a role in the side dishes well. I occasionally eat meat but not as much as I used to.

What time do you usually go to sleep?

I usually go to sleep at 1AM.

What temperature do you usually sleep in?

 We keep our bedroom fairly cool. I would say we let the temperature drop to about 15°C.

What time do you usually wake up?

I usually wake up at 8 AM.

Do you do something to make your morning easier? If so, what?

The evening routine always makes my morning easier. I also make sure that I have a glass of water set up in the bathroom – a bottle of water actually – so that way the first thing I drink when I get up in the morning is that bottle of water. But that's about as easy as I make it considering that the evening routine clears the decks for the next day anyway.

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