Allan Wilson's Evening Routine

"I am always to bed early, normally after an evening beer and grill or barbecue, when I just shower then head to bed to binge watch downloaded TV series with my wife until I sleep."

Allan Wilson

Allan Wilson (UK) is  a lifestyle and travel blogger at Live Less Ordinary which covers (mostly) travel in Asia. For the past year he has been living in rural Thailand (Isaan) and working on a side project with "A Potato in a Rice Field".


What is your evening routine?

For the past year I have been living in rural Thailand with a traditional Isaan family where bed times are really quite early. As soon as it is dark, we go inside because it is 'dangerous at night'. I didn't really believe this at first but one time I arrived from the bus in the early hours and near stepped on an elephant scorpion on the street then a baby king cobra was in the driveway. I definitely wouldn't go walkabout barefoot anyway. So I am always to bed early, normally after an evening beer and grill or barbecue, when I just shower then head to bed to binge watch downloaded TV series with my wife until I sleep.

How long have you kept it for?

We do travel a lot in between so it does vary when on the road, although it's honestly not much different. We sleep early and rise early.

What does your last meal of the day look like?

It's normally something grilled like fresh water fish or pork neck. Always served with rice, herbs and chilli dips as we're in rural Thailand. That's all they really eat here (Nam Prik Pak). I'd have a big beer or two as well. This always helps me sleep.

What time do you usually go to sleep?

In bed not long after 6pm often asleep by 7pm. When I have family and friends staying they think it's weird and it takes them a lot to get used to as things get noisy here early so they have to acclimatize.

What temperature do you usually sleep in?

Air-conditioned room (necessary) at around 23'c I think. I leave that to the wife.

What time do you usually wake up?

Normally between 4am and 5am would be normal. Sunrise really, when the cockerels get noisy. I'd have a coffee and work a bit before the monks on alms offerings arrive to the front gates, and the rest of the compound get ready to do whatever they do.

Do you do something to make your morning easier? If so, what?

At the moment I don't really have a job and I consider my blogging  to be my main work. It's hardly work either, more of a hobby, so I haven't really any deadlines or anything to worry me. I just wake up whenever I wake up. It's always easy.



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