Colin Wright's Evening Routine

"I aim for at least 8 hours of sleep, and have found, over and over again, that I feel amazing and do better work when I'm well-rested (and not pretending like I don't need sleep, as was the case for much of my life)."

Colin Wright

Colin Wright travels full-time, writes books for a living, and co-founded Asymmetrical Press.


What is your evening routine?

I don't have any absolutely concrete routines in my life, but I do tend to get my (15-20 minute, body weight resistance and stretch focused) workout in sometime between dinner and sleep, and about an hour before hitting the hay, I turn off all the lights, set aside my phone, and read on my (dimly lit) Kindle till I crash.

How long have you kept it for?

Oh, I probably started the lights off thing about four years ago. There have been iterations of it for ages, though, with a more rigid routine back when I lived in LA, and this more travel-centric (and therefore flexible) version emerging after I left to start traveling full-time.

Have you changed it recently? If so, how?

I tend to take 20 minutes a day to sit and do nothing but stare at the wall and think. I find that doing this sometime before dinner works a lot better than right after my workout (as I was doing until a few years ago), as it keeps me from having that 'mind spinning out of control and can't stop thinking so I can sleep' thing when I close my eyes after reading

What time do you usually go to sleep?

It completely depends on where I'm living: the local climate, culture, my projects while there, etc all influence the timing. I'm in Istanbul at the moment, and halfway through a tour of Europe, and last night I went to sleep at about 10pm. At the beginning of the trip, in Oslo, I didn't crash until maybe 1am.

What temperature do you usually sleep in?

It varies based on where I'm staying, but when I have the option, I prefer it to be a little chilly and to have access to warm blankets.

Do you do something to make your morning easier? If so, what?

Not really. If I have to be up for a flight or something, I'll usually wake up an hour or two earlier than most sane people would, because I don't like to feel rushed when heading out the door. 99.99% of the time, though, I don't set alarms and as such wake up naturally. No tricks needed when you're well-rested.

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